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release your mind, body + soul from rejection + repression for healthy relationships with yourself and others



Alison Jeavons, FdA. Dip. LC. MAC., is a Psycho-Spiritual Mentor and Metaphysical Practitioner whose work focusses on the holistic transition from abandonment, constraint + codependency to renewal, for identity, courage + confidence




resolve | reconnect | renew

  • Resolve ‘fight or flight’ from unresolved trauma arising from the feelings of being trapped, rejected and suppressed, to be physically, mindfully and soulfully balanced with more energy

    Unresolved childhood or adult trauma of any kind will leave an impact on you, and more often than not, it’s something you’re unaware of until you find yourself repeating patterns of behaviour that doesn’t serve your personal growth. Being raised or feeling confined in an invalidating or unpredictable environment leaves your brain being wired for survival which plunges your mind and body into ‘fight, flight or freeze’. Both repressed and suppressed tension leads to physical distress, consistent and mysterious health challenges that stem from your current stress response system.

  • Reconnect with yourself, gain confidence, self esteem, safety, identity, belonging, be seen, heard and trust your own judgment

    Turbulent times can leave you feeling unworthy of love, anxious, depressed and codependent; attracting negative relationships and cycles of behaviour that keep you stuck, overwhelmed and often feeling even worse about yourself. When you worry about what others think of you, put their needs above your own, are afraid to be yourself, feel lost and lonely, you can subconsciously attract or behave in ways that mirror your received experiences, leaving you in a perpetual spin of powerlessness, anger, blame and shame.

  • Renew your life, gain courage and avoid missing any more time or opportunities

    When you explore and become aware of how you feel and behave instead of suppressing your thoughts, you learn how to increase your ability to deal with the stressors you’ve found that trigger you, enabling you to finally move forward and achieve what you really want to in life. Dysfunctional and emotionally abusive home, work or educational lives do not define you, and as an adult, you have the choice to fulfil your potential that every single human being has the right to do.





metaphysical healing

My intuitive healing sessions specialise in helping you to overcome rejection, are trauma-sensitive and incorporate various and individualised metaphysical modalities. By working with the movement of thought, sensation, energy and action, you learn how to safely release, reconnect and self-heal, re-setting your mind, body and soul for renewal and purpose.

mentorship that fits who you are

By facilitating an individualised mentoring journey that brings together psychology and spirituality, we come together from a place of strength to actualise your goals, using mindfulness, self regulation, interpersonal and practical skills that empower you to develop a sustainable belief in yourself and your abilities. We celebrate the fact there is, and only ever will be, one ‘you’.


If you live for someone’s acceptance, you will die from their rejection