Alison Jeavons
Hi, hello, kia ora… I’m Alison + in this space you can learn more about me professionally, purposefully + personally.


I’m a Professional Certified Mentor and Coach with Trauma and Somatic Awareness, a Reiki Master, Crystologist and Professional Creative.

My work focusses on supporting those that want to transition from the debilitating effects of abandonment and rejection. Using evidence based research, tools and skills grounded in cognitive and dialectical behavioural therapy, somatic coaching, psycho-spirituality, metaphysics and personal experience, I holistically help clients to develop sustainable techniques that heal their mind, body and soul from rejection for healthy relationships, identity, courage and confidence.

Prior to becoming a Mentor, my client-facing career included 25+ years in Graphic Design, Publishing, Account Management, Coaching and organisation. My personal practice was born from coaching other creatives, however my client base all presented challenges rooted in rejection. Over time therefore, my focus evolved to purely assist clients in overcoming the issues that when both repressed and suppressed, remain in your entire being making it almost impossible to lead a balanced life. Having suffered abandonment and emotional rejection trauma in my early years, I was also acutely aware how my experiences had shaped my personal and professional life, allowing resonance with my clients on a level deeper than any education I obtained could provide.

A coach has some great questions for your answers whilst a mentor has some great answers for your questions.

I’ve been asked why I mentor now instead of solely coaching and that’s because whilst coaching undeniably has it’s value, you’re ultimately left to do the work alone which I have found exacerbates those who have suffered rejection. By combining mentoring with coaching and other modalities, it allows room for you to harness the insights, knowledge and skills of someone that has been there, whilst taking a much broader view of your own experiences and benefiting from the ultimate support framework and guidance.

As the famous quote by Frederick Douglass says; “It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men”, so somewhere between my practice and spare time, I’m also a volunteer Youth Mentor for the Project K programme with national New Zealand charity, The Graeme Dingle Foundation. The Charity leads the way in shaping the future of young people from the age of 5 to 15 with a range of programmes that build confidence, teach life skills, promote good health and encourage self efficacy and a positive mindset.

Certificates + Training

  • Becoming Trauma-Sensitive: Theory and Skills to Make Meditation Safe and Effective for Trauma Survivors, David Treleaven, New Zealand

  • Treating Stress and Trauma with Shiatsu and TCM, New Energy Work, UK

  • The Power of Embodied Transformation for Somatic Awareness Coaching - Coaches Rising incorporating Continuing Coach Education and the International Coaching Federation (ICF), USA & Europe

  • Youth Mentoring - The Graeme Dingle Foundation Charity, Auckland & Tauranga, New Zealand

  • Association for Coaching Accredited Level 4 Diploma in Life Coaching, Blackford Centre for Life Coaching, London, UK - Distinction

  • The Coaching Academy Certified DISC Psychometric Profiling Practitioner, London, UK

  • FdA Foundation Degree in Graphic and Digital Design, Staffordshire University, UK - Distinction

  • Life Purpose Coach, Transformation Academy, USA

  • Positive Psychology Diploma, UK

  • Advanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), UK

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), UK

  • Speed Plus Business Mentoring Programme; Grant Awarded, Staffordshire University, UK

  • Usui Reiki Master, Melissa Crowhurst, Australia

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Ascension Metaphysical, Kevin Reed, New Zealand

  • Crystology prescribed by Melody Levels 1 & 2, Kay Ford, New Zealand

  • Art Therapy, UK

  • Bullying Awareness and Challenging Behaviour, UK

  • Energy Healing with Colour and Art, Melissa Crowhurst, Australia

  • Meditation Guide, Melissa Crowhurst, Australia


My purpose finds those with a hunger for identity and a sense of belonging. Those with the big ‘who am I?’ questions and are constantly searching for a place of safety, validation and a sense of self. They’re people on a mission to heal themselves and achieve peace of heart and mind.

We’re all here to fulfil a purpose and whether or not you know what yours is, you may find you’re always in a place where you feel you can’t step forward but there’s no going back. If you refuse to die with the music inside you, I can:

  • support you to discover your purpose and build your self worth, identity, resilience, confidence, acceptance, belonging and self expression

  • respect your battle scars whilst our work together focusses on moving forwards. Being authentic and unique I meet you at wherever you are on your own path to pride, fulfilment, voice and recognition

  • be your guide that understands, encourages, empowers and teaches you how to self-validate

I believe you are here to make a difference, understand your fears and learn how to overcome them. I get it, believe me I do. With wounds that leave you feeling that you’ve always got to run harder than your neighbour just to achieve even the simplest of tasks, it’s easy to remain in your story.

However, I invite you to unleash yourself from the past, accept who you are and live your life with purpose because a) you deserve it, and b) time isn’t waiting for anyone.


Starting life as an adoptee of the closed adoption 1970s era, my life didn’t get off to the best start. Over the years that followed, my existence was an uphill struggle with secondary emotional stress and challenges ranging from attachment, codependency and somatic trauma leading to a catalogue of bad decisions and consistent health issues.

I’ve been through the searches of both birth parents, experienced a range of reunions and transitions and learned to adjust to the impact those events had on my life. I wasn’t professionally helped through the minefield of emotions, with the fragility of my heart or body, nor with the repetition of stress the primal woundings had left me with. 

Of high energy, I’m friendly and down to earth with a dry sense of humour and appreciate intelligent humour. It was with these attributes combined with my natural resilience, sheer grit and determination that I solely embarked on a journey of self exploration, personal and professional development, and somatic healing that took me through books, courses, qualifications, credentials and certifications that delivered me to the door of identity, spiritual awakening, gratitude and belonging.

Being creative, sensitive and empathetic, I’ve always been very intuitive and sensitive to energies. However it wasn’t until someone gave me a name for what I’d quietly practiced that I became aware of it. My focus had always been firmly rooted in survival so I’d rarely given my metaphysical abilities full attention however, they were always to thank for my survival which is why I’m a firm believer in developing intuition.

As I say, life is unpredictably predicable, and whilst I knew from the age of around eight that I was born on the wrong side of the planet, I realised it was my purpose to find my way home to Australasia from England - an emigration journey that was guided by synchronicities and took 42 years to transition.

We can’t always obtain the outcome we seek if it’s not in our highest good to receive it. Instead we have to trust in the process and believe in ourselves. Something which is even more challenging to do when you feel you don’t know who you are in the first place. 

  • I gave myself permission to learn who I was - which interestingly didn’t come from my initial expectations or from biological family reunion. I also gave myself permission to right the wrongs that could be corrected and accept those that couldn’t.

  • I learned self compassion and trust. I freed myself of shame and developed self worth from which my belief grew along with my sense of belonging. I learned to practice self care which led to self respect and love.

  • I accepted that there is no such thing as an overnight ‘cure’. I committed to and practice daily within my ‘spiritual gym’, exercising the muscles that continue to strengthen my mind, body and soul.

I’m here to hold your hand until you can learn to hold it yourself, and be with you for wherever your journey takes you.