Fear Is Good For You



Even when you’ve read every article going, your desk drawer won’t shut for all the free downloads and you’ve tried every ‘sniff this, swallow that, wear this, follow that’ ‘tried and tested’ method to exorcise the fear-ghost in a bid to normalise your situation and gain answers, you can often still find yourself in overwhelm and back to square one. 

That’s because nothing external to you will ever provide the answers you’re after.

What drives your fear is individual and personal to you. One person’s trigger or internal voice won’t be the same as someone else’s. 

in a world of how to’s…

I’ve found by working with people who are new to being mindful of their inner landscape, that trying to work yourself out in the early stages can tie you up in knots and lead you down rabbit holes of ‘what’s wrong with me?’. It’s not helpful. 

We live in a world of ‘How To’s’ and whilst those of course can be incredibly beneficial and have their place, sometimes what’s required is to have permission to feel normal without any ‘fix’, you know? It’s perfectly normal to have fear when doing something new. We’re often taught that anything perceived as negative must be avoided, but this isn’t always the case.

Fear exists when life changes occur, and plays a fundamental role in bringing to the forefront primeval based questioning to support your very survival, so it’s important to remember that fear in this context is actually good for you: Do I really want that new job? Or shall I work out what my strengths are and go it alone? How would that even work? How do I feel about this relationship and would ending it be the best thing... and if I did, how would that impact? And so on. 

…create your own

Without acknowledging and embracing your fear, you remain in suppression and are unable to release and grieve what needs to be let go of to be able to move on with your life for your greater good.

Fear doesn’t exist to hold you back or discourage you. It occurs when you’re hovering between the old and the new. When you listen to your internal voice, journal your feelings and emotions that arise from this listening, you can overcome inner obstacles, move beyond your zone of comfort and learn to respect the uncertainty for the wisdom it brings.

By honouring and hearing the transformational messages fear brings, you’re able to understand a more holistic view of the changes presented to you, and decide honestly whether you want to welcome them into your life, or not. You are then the master of your own ‘How To’s’.

Meditation, journalling or simply walking outside in nature amongst the peace and quiet, will allow your thoughts and emotions to be heard which is essential to learning more about yourself over time, and serves as a greater reminder that fear almost always sits alongside anything worth doing in your life for your soul to evolve.

Alison Jeavons