The Healing Crisis



A ‘healing crisis’ can occasionally occur after receiving natural and complementary metaphysical healing therapies such as Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Homeopathy, Chiropractic and Craniosacral Therapy to name just a few. 

Our bodies store a lot of energy and blockages can occur that Reiki, for example, can release - realigning a client’s energetic flow.

As the body rebalances, the rapid release of toxins can feel uncomfortable and seem as though your original symptoms, ranging from emotional to physical, have been exacerbated. This is often labelled a healing crisis.

The same can happen to a Reiki Practitioner when they are attuned and are learning to practise because it’s not the about the modality, it’s about the fact the energy within our systems is being moved around triggering our body to respond and begin to heal. In most cases, energy is processed gently and we only feel immediate benefit, but for some, it can feel uncomfortable.

From my own personal experiences, I’ve been unable to get out of bed for 48-72 hours at a time following the therapies mentioned above, but however unpleasant that was at the time, I’ve always experienced the benefit not long after. It’s fairly rare, but if you’re sensitive to energy like I am, it is important to note that temporary and uncomfortable shifts can occur as part of the natural healing process.

No two people’s experiences are the same with metaphysical healing as our energy fields are individual. If you have, or are experiencing the unpleasant effects of a healing crisis, please be reassured of it’s temporary nature as your system is healing by supporting the process with rest and drinking water. No symptoms should last longer than 72 hours maximum and if you suffer with anything other than symptoms listed below, listen to your body and intuition and see a GP.


Physical symptoms are a sign your body is flushing the toxins from energy blockages contained within your body and may include:

  • headaches

  • nausea

  • sore throat

  • aches

  • fatigue

  • digestion upset

  • increased urination

Drinking plenty of water and resting will support your body as it rebalances and heals.

emotionally + mentally

Unprocessed emotions are normally released during and after energy healing and can range from:

  • anger

  • sorrow

  • thought pattern shifts

  • new perspectives

  • insights

  • guilt or shame

Processing emotions can range from the feeling of rebirthing and liberation to the resurfacing of repressed past hurts. It is always best to allow your emotion to be released and trust the wisdom of your body as it brings to the surface that in which you need to let go of.

your path to healing

Reiki continues to work long after a session has ended, and is an intelligent natural energy of the client receiving the treatment.

Using your own judgement where your health is concerned is always paramount and I work in conjunction with science and other health practitioners to support the best course of action for your individual healing.

As your healing is processing, you may find journalling to be a helpful way of noting the shifts you’re experiencing to reflect upon, keeping you present and assisting in gaining new perspectives.

I’ve seen big changes happen for clients that have been receiving Reiki over multiple sessions that involve a renewed mindset enabling positive life changes to physical improvements for long standing health challenges.

Always support your path to healing by listening to your intuition and feeding your body, mind and spirit with supportive food and inspirational material, because sustainable change always happens on a holistic level.

Alison Jeavons