Do You Know Why You're Here?



Whilst this term is often used, what does it really mean and is it believable?
Is it something to tell yourself when something’s not happened the way you’d like in order to feel better?

It all depends on your view point, but what’s certain is you can either grow from your experiences or you can let them rule what happens to you. There is always a choice to find meaning or reason within everything that happens, which in turn infuses your life with purpose. Do you:

  • feel creatively blocked? Perhaps you don’t hear compliments and contradict your own thoughts? In fact, you wonder why you’re bothering; there’s imminent failure, you can’t do it and no one will like you. You often think you’re stupid for even trying.

  • find yourself accepting simple or menial tasks or jobs, instead of knowing your capabilities and rising to intellectual challenges?

  • want to make something of your life and don’t want to die with the music still inside you? However, you can’t step past how you feel and are always in pursuit of feeling good enough.

Mentoring with me will challenge you to look at your life experiences to see how they have been a driving force, how they fit together enabling you to see your true purpose, love your career and embrace your soul passion.

I’ve no idea what I want to do.

If you’ve wandered through life watching others with specific talents excel at their purpose, or have seemingly no challenges when it comes to knowing what they want to do, it can deepen your frustration when it comes to your turn in determining what you ‘should’ be doing. Perhaps you:

  • wonder where you’d be right now if you didn’t crave the need for a safety net in place, and have to be sure of the outcome before you can make any changes or take action.

  • tend to work alone but feel lonely and compare yourself to others, often procrastinating because you’re overwhelmed. And… you need more courses, books, or a change of wallpaper before you feel ready.

  • fear both success and failure. Change or action is worse than the dentist but you don’t know how to hold your own hand.

  • have family, societal influences or conditioning that have influenced the path you’ve followed.

  • feel the work you do doesn’t fit in with who you truly are (anymore).

It’s no surprise that the people who are aligned with their purpose tend to be more ‘successful’ and fulfilled, so if you’re searching for your purpose in life, looking for a new direction, re-evaluating your priorities or craving more meaning in your life, mentoring will provide you with clarity, ideas of how to generate purpose into your existing work or start afresh, and an action plan that determines your next steps.

stepping stones

Mentoring with me looks at the different stepping stones and elements of your life and self that play a role in determining your purpose.

Guided by elements from your past combined with your own unique personality, we’ll also examine your childhood influences, passions and interests, talents and skills, any life changing experiences and synchronicities.

We’ll work to eliminate limiting beliefs so that you can take your power back and rewrite your new story - a manifesto which is a declaration of your beliefs, opinions, motives and intentions which underlines who you truly are and what you stand for enabling you to develop a clearer way forward.

get to know yourself

Have fun exploring insights using DISC and/or Ennagram personality profiles which are great tools to help you evaluate yourself, find out ‘who you are’ and look at what you’re suited to in a non-categorising manner.

Living a life of purpose and meaning is essential for overall wellbeing, happiness and success. Gain focus on how to use your talents, skills and gifts to make a difference.

We can use worksheets and activities that lead you to an inspiration that wasn’t there before, enabling you to find meaning, direction and clarity. Have the option of writing a phrase that catches your purpose that will will form part of your manifesto and action plan that brings it all together for you. Finding your purpose can include:

The stepping stones to purpose
• Childhood influences
• Conditioning
• Passions, interests, talents and skills
• Personality
• Life changing experiences and synchronicities
• Empowering beliefs and owning your power
• Rewriting your story
• Clarifying your purpose and writing your manifesto
• Your forward plan of action

If any of the above lands with you, consider getting in touch for a complimentary chat and we can go from there.

Alison Jeavons