A coach has some great questions for your answers whilst a mentor has some great answers for your questions.

mentorship that fits who you are

Your soul steps from it’s shadow when it’s held with love, empathy and understanding, and by bringing safe and transformative trauma informed and somatic awareness into traditional mentoring and coaching frameworks, it honours your basic dignity increasing your ability to take action and simultaneously release and self-heal.

Many paths out there assume a coaching framework is enough, but I have personally found that it’s not because whilst coaching undeniably has it’s value, it’s solely forward-focussed and you’re ultimately left to do the work alone - which in my personal experience, have found exacerbates rejection trauma. In addition, many other therapeutic services only focus on the past, which doesn’t help in proactively moving forward.

Therefore my holistic practice allows room for you to access my insights, knowledge and personal experience, whilst taking a much broader view of your experiences, thus benefiting from the ultimate support framework and guidance.

who is this for?

Making headway in today's noisy environment can feel additionally challenging and overwhelming if you hold rejection sensitivity, suppression and invalidation, leaving you comparing yourself to others, feeling like an imposter and completely unsure of where you’re going or what to do about it.

  • Whereabouts are you?
    We’ll discover where you’ve been, where you want to go and more importantly, who you want to be.

  • Who are you?
    You’re not who other people say or think you are. By bringing your mind, heart, body and soul into the picture, you’ll be able to identify who you are, along with areas that undermine your energy and be able to put into place strategies to achieve balance and alignment in both your personal and professional life.

  • What’s been working for you and what needs to change?
    Together we’ll take an holistic look at your achievements and strengths to build solid bridges to where you want to go. Subconscious and emotional barriers and patterns can play a huge part in how we move forward, so together we take practical steps forward that honour your ‘window of tolerance and safety’, whilst taking the action required that moves you to the next part of your life with increased confidence.

how this helps you

I use my intuitive abilities together with my professional credentials, evidence-based research, lived-personal experience and unrelenting empathy to help you to heal the patterns that inhibit your life. You will:

  • learn to centre yourself, detach from your old story, create inner balance and calm any nervous energy

  • strengthen your instincts and learn to trust yourself

  • create space to breathe and enjoy a healthier life

  • be seen and heard, valued and listened to and increase your sense of self worth

  • create choices and become realistic with a wider perspective and sustainable purpose

what you can expect

By acknowledging the Trauma-Informed, GROW, Dialectical, Cognitive, and Somatic Awareness mentoring and coaching models, we establish a safe and supportive environment of your choice that supports your emotional safety - which can be inside, outside, here… or there.

Strategies can be put into place that include a plan for when mentoring can stretch you, and to resource connections that may benefit you along the way.

By using exercises, worksheets and a reflective journal that help you to pause and be present, we recognise and build from where you’re currently at, working towards igniting and reclaiming your power by moving into a framework that supports action toward where you want to be.


Everyone is different and at varying stages in their life, therefore it’s impossible to say how long Mentorship is recommend for, but generally and as a guide, a 3-12 month timeframe allows changes to be implemented and learn new skills.

However, I celebrate individuality and don’t offer programs for this reason; honouring personal timescales with flexibility that allows for significant healing and sustainable transition.

All session durations are for 90 minutes, and you can choose to invest either $145 NZD per session, or to benefit from $765 for six sessions.

I always invite you for an initial complimentary 30-minute conversation to see if I can help you, which can be inside over a cup of coffee or outside in the fresh air, wherever you are most at ease.