Mystic Realism

The future is what you make it following informed choices.

Intuitive readings

I do believe the future is what you make it and I don’t use divination tools for predicting the future, rather, as a tool to provide insight, understanding and options surrounding situations that crop up in life in order for you to make informed choices.

Tarot and Oracle card readings are not a guarantee of how a life event will unfold and should be viewed as an avenue of research when you’re faced with decisions, confusion or overwhelm. 

In my opinion, they are a guidance tool that reflects the way your subconscious mind works, giving insight into how, if you change your thought pattern, you can then go on to change the outcome. Something which I can offer short guidance on at the time of your reading.

Tarot, oracle and numerology

I have a variety of Oracle, Tarot and ancient Italian Vera Sibilia cards that offer you insight on:

  • your life purpose 

  • healing spiritual mandalas

  • ancient Italian vera sibilla based on a 52-playing card tarot-style

  • lightworker for your spiritual inner calling

  • insights for indigos

  • surrendering what doesn’t serve you

Sessions are normally around 40 minutes, include a hot or cold drink and supportive conversation around your reading.

Numerological readings are based on your full name at birth and your birth date. If you don’t know your full name at birth, your current name will still provide you with insight, although it won’t be as accurate.

Readings are offered both in-person and via distance.