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My mentoring and coaching approach is based on a Level 4 Diploma in Life Coaching from the Blackford Centre for Coaching, the Graeme Dingle Foundation Project K Youth Mentoring, a Foundation Degree in Digital and Graphic Design from Stafford University, England, DISC Psychometics from The Coaching Academy and People Keys, England, several additional certifications including Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, continual professional development, and almost 30 years field experience. However, I consider my highest qualification and practice to be rooted in personal experience, reality and action. 

Both my healing and mentoring work is trauma-informed so whilst I’m not a therapist, I am able to hold space and remain sensitive to any trauma that arises during our sessions together. I may refer you to and/or help you find a therapist if I consider you would benefit from one.

I endeavour to remain simultaneously grounded by research and intuitively sharp, laced with down to earth humour and approachability. My approach references somatic practices, trauma sensitivity, positive psychology, attachment theory and spirituality. Being a member of the Association for Coaching, I am aligned with their coaching ethics and abide by their code of conduct. 

Alongside mentoring, I incorporate journalling, trauma sensitive mindfulness, meditation, spiritual practices, and have many influencers ranging from the psychological and psychotherapeutic teachings of Matthew McKay, David Treleaven, Peter Levine, Babette Rothschild, Pat Ogden, Nathanial Branden, Julia Cameron and Susan Anderson, to the mineralogical and spiritual work of Michael Newton, Paul Gilbert, Judy Hall, Melody and my own personal Mentors and Coaches.


As with most things in life, mentoring or coaching doesn’t come with a guarantee or a promised outcome - simply because we are all accountable for our own actions and not the actions of others. The outcome of your mentoring, coaching and/or healing work is entirely your responsibility. However, I do take full responsibility to, at all times, apply my knowledge and skills for your highest of good. I am dedicated to your transformative change and improvement.

Mentoring, coaching and healing works when applied and received with dedication, intention and commitment to the journey and desired goal. For some, improvement is noticed within a very short space of time, whilst for others it may take longer. That’s ok. Everything is normal. All shifts can range from feeling joyous and revelatory with epiphanies and dolphins singing, whilst simultaneously feeling like you’ve just been ‘Tangoed’ by a man with a large orange rubber glove, aka, discombobulating as the uncertain aspects are faced and long held beliefs excavated. We do this together and you can be guaranteed of unconditional support whilst you work through it all on your way to becoming full-on all-bells-and-whistles you.

During your mentoring or healing sessions, you are fully responsible for your wellbeing including all choices and decisions, and that all comments and suggestions offered by me are solely for the purpose of meeting your defined goals for which by working with me, you give your informed consent to receive assistance with.

My mentoring and healing work is not to be viewed as a replacement for professional medical (physical or psychological) care and is not for diagnostic or curing purposes. In some cases, I may suggest that it is in your best interests to seek alternative help in the form of a specialised therapist or medical practitioner. Whilst coaching and healing can work beneficially alongside other therapy, it is not intended to be the route to overcome major emotional or psychological distress or replace any form of treatment.

Currently, mentoring and coaching is an unregulated profession, however in response to this, I’m a committed member of the Association for Coaching; a not-for-profit professional body dedicated to promoting best practice, raising awareness and the standards of coaching excellence worldwide. I abide by their code of conduct and ethics which means that I meet their required level of certification and continual professional development in order to remain part of their Association. 

All mentoring, coaching and healing, together with information and communications contained within sessions, on this website, email or otherwise delivered by me, are intended to assist you in identifying areas within your life; physically, energetically and emotionally, together with the thought processes that may be stopping you from living the life you were born to live. 

payments, reschedules + cancellations

Payment for services are due in advance and to secure your session time. I do request please that full payment is made within 48 hours of your booking request either by PayPal or direct bank transfer to account: 12-3125-0119172-01, and failure to do this will result in your booking being cancelled.

  • Your session time is reserved for you therefore being on time is very important. I will be unable to offer make up time outside of your booking in the event of delays resulting in your late arrival. A no-show will count as a session and thus no refund or rearrangement will be made.

  • If you are unable to keep your session time I will happily rearrange your appointment with 24 hours notice. If the timescale is under 24 hours, it is unlikely that I will be able to accommodate a last minute change because I have a full diary resulting in your lost session.

  • In the rare instance of a technical issue arising from my end upon which a distant session depends, a rescheduled session time will be offered. If however the bandwidth or troubleshooting difficulties are at your end, please be aware this will be within your session time and no alternative replacement session will be offered.

  • Refunds for cancelled sessions must be requested in writing via the contact form or email with a minimum of 48 hours notice prior to the scheduled time agreed.

  • I reserve the right to discontinue a current session without a refund if there is inappropriate, disrespectful or reckless behaviour, and terminate in writing all future scheduled bookings.

data + copyright

I hold very little information about you which does not extend past the name you volunteer, phone number, email, region of residence and/or a few basic notes that I may make to assist our time together either in person or online. 

Any information that I hold is managed with thought, respect and confidentially within password-protected Dropbox, unless I state otherwise in writing. However, I request you to understand that technology it not guaranteed to be secure and you accept the risks associated with the details you voluntarily provide for the purposes of delivering services to you either by email, text, phone, and third party applications such as Skype, Dropbox, Zoom or Squarespace.

I support GDPR which is there to give you control over how your data is used and controlled. I therefore endeavour to remain compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at all times and I’m registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as a Data Controller. If you require a copy of, or the information I hold about you to be deleted, please contact me where I will respond to all legitimate requests within 30 days. Furthermore, every email generated from my mailing list will carry an obvious unsubscribe link. This does not include personal correspondence we enter into.

I do not share your information. However, if you report or threaten abuse, neglect or harm to yourself or anyone else, I may need to take necessary actions, therefore limiting your confidentiality in this instance. In addition, if I’m instructed by a court to testify and supply information, I will need to do so to the extent that is required by law.

I use Google Analytics and Cookies for the purpose of website analysis and activity via the Squarespace platform. Therefore, accessed pages, your IP address, or locational information may be collected by Squarespace for this purpose but can’t be used to identify you. The Squarespace cookie policy can be found here, and their Privacy Policy here.

All words, photographs and artwork on my website including any audio, video, courses or books are copyright to Alison Jeavons unless otherwise stated. All rights are reserved which means I retain the intellectual property rights for everything I create. Nothing may be copied, distributed or used for commercial purposes without my consent. However, I have created this site to be informative, helpful, motivating and inspiring, therefore please feel free to share my work as long as I am credited and you link to my site. Any doubts, please drop me a line - thank you.