Quietly Busy

The most common issue when birthing a new project or business venture is overwhelm.


Because I often work with creatives I recognise that the focus is always prioritised on your particular passion and skill, leaving little to no time, or inclination, to look after the marketing side of your venture - which of course is imperative in order to be seen and get your talents out there.

In addition, not everyone has either the time or know-how to manage and create effective marketing material, photography or build a social media following, despite the umpteen apps and webinars out there promising how easy it is - often adding to overwhelm and procrastination.

Outsourcing isn’t an epic fail, it’s actually the best use of your time and skills ensuring your productivity momentum, so I offer a few down to earth and simple alternatives.


You most likely work alone and find that whilst some days you’re knocking it out of the park, you also have days where you find yourself actually in the park rather than nailing your to-do list. I get it.

As I mentioned above, overwhelm leads to procrastination and is the biggest killer of productivity, so I therefore offer Accountability Partnering.

It’s not for the faint-hearted as I don’t allow excuses. I’m real, I understand when the children get sick as I’ve got two of my own, but I can see through subconscious patterning that keeps you within your zone of comfort.

Really simply, we schedule a short 20 minute phone call once a week to discuss your 7-day schedule, examine if your lifestyle commitments meet with the reality of getting it done, then I leave you to do the work.

Should you fall short of your intended goal for the week, a friendly charitable donation will be invoiced for.

Get it done and make yourself proud. Then go to the park.

social media reach

I’ve joined forces with Pronounce Media to offer you my own version on their top concierge programme.

I act as your personal account manager and first point of contact, taking care of your social media marketing needs without the commitment of your own time or resources.

By choosing this service through me, I create your profile via my own account acting as your PR agent; managing your profile and posting your content for you. All you would need to do is produce your news/blog/etc with one or two images that will promote your product or service, and let me do the rest.

I can offer you complimentary proof reading and photography if you don’t have your own or choose not to use stock imagery.

You will get a receipt to say your story has been posted that can be sent to you with a link on Pronounce saying where it has gone out to. Updates will be provided showing how many times your content has been downloaded by the main stream media and viewed on both their public and client areas. 

In using the Pronounce platform I am able to fully promote each story to its fullest for you and make sure it reaches the audience you would wish.

When I post your news or PR on Pronounce it is first of all circulated to the media via their tailored client area news feeds, and also email distribution through instant or daily bulletins. Once free of any embargo and scheduled for public release, it appears on their public pages, plus free to use RSS feeds, and is further distributed via social media to their huge following.

All stories reach at least 90,000 followers plus the categories I will select for each story. On average, a story will reach in excess of 140,000 people with the total coverage in excess of 260,000.

Your content will be posted to the following social media feeds:

- Facebook (Main page plus 35 category pages and World News page)
- Flipboard (Pronounce Media News, Magazine)
- Flickr (Main Feed)
- Google Blogger (Main Feed)
- LinkedIn (Main Feed)
- Pinterest (35 category specific boards)
- Tumblr (Main Feed)
- Twitter (Two main feeds plus 35 category feeds, individual
- Country feeds and World Newsfeed

As you can easily see the potential is huge, and I will use the full resources available to me to provide you with the best results possible.

Everyone’s specific needs differ, so if you think this could be the solution for you, please feel free to contact me so we can then discuss your expectations in order to provide you with a service that meets your requirements.

graphic design

With a formal education and over 15 years industry experience in graphic design for print, marketing, advertising and magazine layout, I’m well versed in brand identity, personal and commercial promotional literature.

Please enquire if you have a project you’d like to discuss.

squarespace design

I have a passion for simplicity and offer clean, Squarespace website design for non-ecommerce, personal or business portfolio sites.

Remove the overwhelm and let me create a beautiful website for your equally beautiful creative journey.


I’ve been taking photos for almost longer than I’ve been able to walk with a particular passion for nature and landscape photography, although not limited to, and everything you see on this site is my own work.

As I now live in New Zealand, beautiful scenery is not something I’m in short supply of, so if you would like one-off imagery for your project, please get in touch.

commissioned art

Mixed media is my thing. I’ve been producing watercolour, line art and digital compositions for years and love creating for individual promotional collateral, be it wall art to postcards to professional business branding.

Please get in touch to discuss your ideas to see if I can assist you.