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Thoughts from others + what they’ve found from working with me

m.j - new zealand

Alison has a wonderful energy and sincere approach to healing. She holds the space beautifully and ensures a feeling of safety while being treated. I have no hesitation in recommending her. Thank you so much for my treatment Alison, it has been of huge benefit.

c.s - new zealand

Alison Jeavons is next level, she is such a gem. I have suffered with anxiety for 16 years and the last few weeks diagnosed with panic disorder. I was getting some pretty crazy body sensations, went to multiple practitioners and not one person came close to helping me. Until I meet this amazing lady, Alison! She goes the extra mile and made me feel safe and secure which was so important to me. She made me feel at ease by explaining everything in detail. If it wasn’t for Alison I don’t know where I would be today.

a.q - new zealand

Totally amazing! Alison holds an amazing space and has such a beautiful gentle energy. I was really blown away by her knowledge base, depth of connection and intuition. Alison takes the time to listen to you and creates a space of ease to help you let stuff go. 10/10 would recommend.

a.b - new zealand

Wow what can I say? Alison treated my daughter with mind blowing results. Her treatments come from a real place of love and caring. She has an intuitive sense that is so on-point and second-to-none. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to all.

c.l - new zealand

I was at a real loss when I contacted Alison. I had no direction, felt totally overwhelmed and had been going around in circles for years. I got to the bottom of my procrastination and now feel I have the awareness and ability to notice the stuff I was saying to myself in time now to stop it. This has meant I’ve been able to take the starting steps for my own business without the walls I’d been building around myself. Thank you!

c.d, valencia

As a mum of two young children, starting to set up my own business and juggling life was becoming tough, I needed help with feeling overwhelmed, finding me time, a better work life balance and feeling more confident and positive. Working with Alison has really changed my life; our sessions were not only thought-provoking but helped to push me out of my comfort zone.
Alison has enabled me to realise and actualise my professional goals in a manageable way, grow my confidence and become more organised. This in turn has improved my home life as I feel I’ve found a better equilibrium and a little time for me. Thank you Alison for your support and efforts in my coaching journey.

p.f - england

I found inner strength and self worth with Alison’s empathy and energy healing. The way in which she guided me through my journey to the place I have arrived at now is mentally a good one. Her ongoing support, uplifting suggestions and positive energy throughout our conversations has taught me to find myself again.
Alison is an inspiration, a true healer of a troubled mind and a very inspiring breath of fresh air to the soul.
This is how I see what you have done for me; an inspiration with true powers of healing, you have helped me more than you will know.

s.s - New Zealand

I’m adopted and had been looking around for a professional that was also adopted, for years. Someone to really understand what going through a birth reunion was like. I’d suffered with major headaches and digestive complaints and got so much benefit from the coaching sessions and healings that Alison did for me. She really got me! Her knowledge is deep and her down to earth personality and charisma took away all my anxiety over admitting that I needed help to move on from my past. I feel now feel more connected to myself and as though a weight has been lifted.

m.e - england

Offering my advertisers a dedicated agency level designer to liaise with resulted in brilliant customer retention and often, they also increased business with us. It required a special kind of person for this to work and I couldnt have chosen better than Alison. Its not easy finding a skilled designer with excellent people skills, but Alison’s empathy, great ideas, enthusiasm and work ethic made her a favourite with my clients.

m.b - england

Alison’s input was invaluable. It was a real pleasure to bounce ideas back and forth and receive a positive yet very constructive return. I would wholeheartedly recommend her and I’m very confident that she will excel and out-deliver on your expectations.

e.b - Australia

My healer had retired so I was after someone reliable to replace him. I suffer from chronic fatigue and find that crystal reiki really helps to energise me. I guess you want more of what works for you! My chat with Alison beforehand was very professional but friendly at the same time, putting me at ease. I lay down at 9pm to receive my distant healing as suggested and for the first ten minutes I didn’t feel anything, but then I felt this amazing tingling semi-cold sensation travel down from my head to my feet. That’s all I can remember as I must’ve fallen asleep, but the next day, I bounded out of bed (compared to normal!) and my ‘morning anxiety’ wasn’t there. I felt so much more refreshed and ‘alive’ and this continued for weeks after. I do look after myself but every few weeks I benefit so much from a healing, I can’t be without it and I feel directed to Alison, like it was meant to be!

d.h - england

It is always a pleasure to work with contractors that listen, question, clarify understanding and then knock it out the ballpark with their delivery! Alison was detailed, professional and exceeded all expectations. Hire her now before you can’t afford her!

c.w - england

Alison provides an innovative and thoughtful total design solution. I am so happy with her output which is now being rolled out across my business media.

c.f - england

I’m impressed by Alison’s constant enthusiasm and energy, along with her ability to understand the commercial drivers of other businesses, advise on how to maximise results, her record of always delivering great results on time and exceeding expectations on any project. Alison is one of those individuals who shine out from the crowd.