Static Flow

You are, and everything around you, is energy, with the world you live in being an ever-changing process of energetic evolvement.

energy healing + body work

Traditional Chinese and Japanese practices including Shiatsu and Reiki have been around since the millennia, and are fast becoming the first choice in alternative therapy with research showing that such practices are very effective in the understanding and healing of mind-body symptoms in stress and trauma. Chances are you:

  • either live life off adrenaline or exist in a state of numbness. You often feel in fight or flight mode, anxious or nervous or can swing between light-headedness, lethargy and unable to think.

  • have health challenges including migraines, digestive or reproductive issues, chronic fatigue, skin irritations or hormonal imbalances.

  • you’re fed up with muscular tension and tightness, throat sensations, cold sweats or panic attacks. You may grind your teeth, have a tight jaw, hot flashes, excess sweating and insomnia. You may feel agitation in some situations, have intrusive thoughts, repetitive patterns and sensitivity to light or sounds.

Some people, like myself, experience dramatic improvement when receiving energy healing, whilst others experience relief from their symptoms without gaining a complete cure, but notice that other areas of their lives improve and long standing issues are resolved. 

In addition, Somatic body work combined with energy healing offers a greater holistic approach to benefit your return to health. I will be offering Somatic movement exercises in the near future that can be integrated into your daily practise. You can stay in touch and register your interest by connecting with me.

My practices below can be combined or received independently either indoors or outside in nature. An understanding of what each can offer is detailed below but please connect with me with any questions you may have.


Research has shown that stress and trauma can be effectively treated with Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), breathing techniques, Reiki and Somatic exercises. There is currently a paradigm shift within psychotherapy and neuroscience towards body and Ki-based approaches enabling a deeper understanding of your body with greater results for clients looking for alternative healing.

During your sessions with me, we will explore practical techniques to treat adrenal overload and sympathetic nervous system responses, safely unfreezing your mind-body from undischarged emotional symptoms, disassociation and appropriate re-association caused by the fight-flight-freeze stress response. With specialist techniques we can scan back to discover what your energy pattern was like prior to trauma, and determine your signs and symptoms of stress.

There are 21 main points within the body that are directly useful for treating stress and trauma that when applied using Shiatsu techniques, can offer release and regulation.

At all times your environment will be safe and supportive taking great care to avoid the ‘re-living’ of past experiences that conventional talk-therapy can exacerbate. Subtle gestures and body language allow sufficient information for successful progress, with validation and acceptance being present at all times to support your healing.

Shiatsu touch is grounding, non-judgemental and can provide life-enhancing energetic changes for when a reconnection to your body is needed. Whilst Shiatsu often provides quick relief from many symptoms, please be aware that the process needs to be slow because trauma recovery takes time.

Your body’s response is always a natural one and we work to understand, reassure and empower you through this ancient bodywork and breathing practice in your healing journey.


Reiki has it’s foundation in Tibetan Buddhism and is Universal Life Force Energy, that translates to ‘Rei’ meaning ‘free passage’ and ‘ki’ being ‘universal life energy’ in Japanese. However the word may originate from the Tibetan word, ‘Raku-Kei’ which is the art and science of Tibetan self improvement representing the vertical and horizontal flow of energy. It is also known as Chi by the Chinese, Prana in Hinduism or Mauri by the Maori to mention just a few names from different cultures, but does not require any participation in faith or religion.

However the word Reiki originates, all are one and the same although the extent to which they are applied along with their theories, differ greatly. It is the force behind Yin and Yang. It is whole, complete, unique and powerful and can be used on any condition in any time or place and is the vital flowing energy for the basis of continuity.

It is the belief that disease and illness is first manifested on non-physical levels, i.e. within the auric field, and later shows within the body. So when the auric body is recharged, health can then return to the physical body.

Choose Reiki for:

  • detoxifying your body and dissolving energy blockages.

  • supporting medical treatments, relieving pain and stimulating the immune system.

  • deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual relaxation and support.

Treatments can be either laying-off-of hands, or on. I offer both with the latter being applied through various hand positions at pain sites and energy centres.

Treatments can be short or longer with full body sessions lasting approximately one hour and can be carried out either inside or outdoors in nature.

Infusing Reiki often relieves pain, speeds up your healing process, reduces stress and stimulates life force energy recharging your energy system facilitating the non-physical body’s return to full vitality, health, harmony and balance.

psychogeology & crystal healing

Psychogeology is the influence of geology - rocks, minerals and crystals - on how our minds work combined with moods, wellbeing and our life’s experience. Crystals influence our energy body that carries life force known in the East as Prana, Chi or Qi, and when placed at energy centres (Chakras), amplify self-healing effects as the chakras expand, spin, cleanse and energise.

In addition, every crystal has it’s own unique healing properties that correspond with the mind, body and auric field. Knowledge of these properties are used to individually correspond with points in your body that require attention, to strength and align allowing the flow of energy to resolve imbalances that can cause health issues.

Contrary to popular belief, our energy fields do not automatically correspond to the order of colours in books, and our individual auras, which I can sense, provide information as to what you may need at any given time. 

Choose crystal healing for:

  • aligning and clearing your energy centres (chakras) for optimal health.

  • grounding, centering and boosting of energy.

  • to relax, refresh, de-stress and gain mind clarity with a sense of calm.

I only use ethically sourced, non-dyed crystals which are cleansed, cleared and re-charged prior to each healing.

I also offer crystal ‘prescriptions’ based on our session that identifies exactly the right crystal(s) for your needs, since carrying a crystal with you can enhance your self-healing ability. From there you’re free to source them yourself or I can do that for you. Any suggestions are with the intention of benefiting your psyche and form, and based upon healing principles practised over eons of time.

what you can expect

Each session is around 75 minutes in which time you will be able to relax either sitting, reclining or lying down fully-clothed whilst I place either my hands, crystals or both, on various energy points, acupressure points and meridians, acting as a conduit for your self-healing. Occasional use of a pendulum can be used to act as a visual to you for energy flow.

A light covering is used because the body temperature often reduces as the parasympathetic nervous system slows down, and I can use a massage table warmer to relax muscles and for your comfort. Your inside healing space will be quiet with optional therapeutic music, lighting and aromatherapy.

If you choose an outdoor Reiki session, weather will need to be factored in to a degree, although I do embrace most elements. Nature sessions are kept rustic with blankets and pillow for comfort, but otherwise mindfulness and grounding is part of the experience with Reiki being given either sitting or lying down.

Little to no pressure is applied although client’s often feel heat from my hands during Reiki, light to medium pressure on acupressure points during Shiatsu and occasionally subtle feelings that have a variety of metaphysical descriptions.

There is little to no touch during Crystal healing, although subtle energy waves or pulsing can often be felt which is similar to a heart beat sensation. Sometimes the top of your head can tingle or similar to Reiki, other subtle metaphysical sensations can be experienced. Everyone is different and whilst for some, myself included, the feelings are noticeable, others can feel nothing but relaxation and sometimes drift off to sleep.

All practices are an intuitive process in conjunction with their technical methodologies, and I work to the highest of intention when bringing your mind, body and soul back into balance.

distance healing

Distance healing works equally as well as it does in-person, therefore I do offer both and is not a requirement for you to be present in the same room.

I’ve had many, both distant and in-person, healings that have generated notable responses and benefits. Some of the most powerful have been via distance which does leave the part of my mind that is logical in awe!

Remote healing and readings work as it is simply a direction of energy. With regards to Reiki, specific symbols are used that can also clear blockages from the past, and work to the principles of the Hermetic Law of Similarity whereby we are all connected via our energy matter and that we are one part of a larger whole.

Some practitioners don’t use objects that link to the energy field of the client, but I prefer a recent photo as I am visual and find this boosts my claircognizant and clairsentient abilities.

Agreeing on a mutual time for your remote healing is beneficial but not essential. I’ve found that timezone differences don’t always allow for simultaneous session times, but does not negate the healing effects as I send the healing for you to access at a time that is convenient for you. The best time is evening when you can totally relax and wouldn’t be a problem if you fell asleep.

Clients have reported to me felt sensations of where I’ve concentrated their healing, together with differences they’ve noticed either immediately or over the proceeding weeks.

important to note

Energy healing is not a substitute for medical or psychological consultation or care, and should be viewed as a supportive healing modality in your overall health and wellbeing.

Energy healing increases the capabilities of other healing practices and if you are already in good health, regular energy treatments can enhance your ability to respond to unhealthy stimulation in your life and assist you in dealing with stressors, acting as a preventative in promoting the flow and distribution of your natural life force energy.