Still Movement

One of the best ways to feel more connected and mindful is by being outside in nature.

walk, talk + heal

Whilst most of us know that being outside is one of the best ways to self-care, when you’re affected by emotional neglect it can take a lot to physically provide what your body and mind needs because we can fight against what we feel we are ‘underserving’ of.

I’ve created time and space for you to honour this within the beautiful area of Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. We take healing modalities outside so you can nurture your soul in nature, re-energise, clear your mind and enjoy waterfalls, native forests, lakes and countryside to start the reconnection process for creativity and calm whilst stimulating your mind and body that enables positive thinking. Separate yourself from technology, learn how to become present, breathe, slow down and simultaneously gain perspective and clarity that mentoring, mindfulness and energy healing enables.

mindfulness, energy healing + coaching

Mindfulness is about knowing you’re re-experiencing a stressful situation in the present, and learning the skills to bring yourself back into the now in a way that is sensitive to trauma.

Breathing tends to be shallow and faster when dealing with issues relating to stress because it’s been learned that speed equals control. This manner of survival isn’t sustainable leading to all sorts of challenges, which is why I’ve created this simple two or three hours outdoor session as either an introduction to a more mindful state of being, or as a welcome addition to your journey.

Mindfulness and Reiki are both practices that enable a deeper connection to your own energetic understanding and are ultimately a gateway to happiness and fulfilment that comes from within us.

Mentoring outside creates a wider access to awareness that reinforces decision-making skills, problem-solving and creativity. Heightened emotions and feelings of presence in ‘real-time’ engages neural pathways within the brain, shifting it into a more positive mindset which offers healthier perspectives.

what you can expect

Tailored to your needs on the day, you can choose to combine modalities or focus on one or two.

  • You can opt to spend time practicing mindfulness, cultivating somatic anchors for self care, with a short space of reflective alone time

  • Maybe you would like to receive Reiki underneath the trees

  • Or perhaps you want to focus on a creative project and think better whilst you’re walking; preferring to get the most out of coaching this way

  • Or maybe you would like to split the time in order to combine the various elements and enjoy a cup of tea and healthy snack at the on-site cafe

Unless the weather is completely ridiculous, come light rain or shine, we’ll step out into nature and tune in to your senses, pausing to recognise where you’re currently at.

You’ll receive a journal to make notes, sketch or collect tokens from your path along the way which you can continue to use as part of your commitment to your practice of self-care and reflection, and receive a post-session call to talk over after-thoughts you may want to discuss.

However you choose to spend your time in nature, you will leave with a sense of increased wellbeing, inner calm and sense of clarity having spent time in an unrestricted environment connecting with the most important priority there ever can be: yourself.

important to note

Mentoring and/or coaching are not to be viewed as a replacement for professional medical (physical or psychological) care and is not for diagnostic or curing purposes. In some cases, I may suggest that it is in your best interests to seek additional or alternative help in the form of a specialised therapist or medical practitioner. Whilst mentoring and coaching can work beneficially alongside other therapies, they are not intended to be the route to overcome major emotional or psychological distress or replace any form of treatment.

In addition, energy healing is also not a substitute for medical or psychological consultation or care, and should be viewed as a supportive healing modality in your overall health and wellbeing. Energy healing increases the capabilities of other healing practices and if you are already in good health, regular monthly energy treatments following the suggested initial three, can enhance your ability to respond to unhealthy stimulation in your life and assist you in dealing with stressors, acting as a preventative in promoting the flow and distribution of your natural life force energy.