With trauma-sensitivity always at the forefront, change the way you relate to both yourself and the world around you in a safe environment that works for you.

There are no commands - only invitations that allow emphasis of choice and autonomy whilst maintaining vital structure.

Please note the services below are currently offered separately until the end of July.

From 1st August 2019 a new all-inclusive Mentoring Programme will combine ‘Act Naturally’, ‘Creative Destruction’, ‘Still Movement’ and ‘Quietly Busy’ to offer a comprehensive and flexible holistic response.

Energy Healing and Intuitive services (Static Flow and Mystic Realism) will also combine however they will be offered separately to Mentoring.


Act Naturally

You’re emotionally wounded and it’s affecting everything. With compassion, empathy and Somatic awareness, you’ll arrive at your own truth, ready to begin as you were always meant to.

Creative Destruction

Know your purpose and what you were born to create, be it your family, a difference within your community or a business. You will no longer be stuck wondering what your soul mission in life is.

Static Flow

Resolve blocked energy using Shiatsu, Reiki and psychogeology to heal trauma, resolve imbalances, strengthen and harmonise physically, emotionally, and spiritually, indoors or outside in nature.


Still Movement

Escape four walls for self-care including healing-time, down-time and tea. Stimulate your mind and senses by practising coaching, mindfulness or energy healing outside in New Zealand nature.


Quietly Busy

A helping hand when you need it the most offers those in business accountability, graphic + web design, photography for your marketing material, and a social media reach of over 260,000.


Mystic Realism

Readings are commonly used to examine options, potential outcomes or the seeking of clarity over influences surrounding a situation. I read to reflect your subconscious and offer appropriate support.

Dissociation, freeze, fight or flight are all responses to trauma and can include feeling detached, foggy, fatigued, hyper/hypo vigilant, have an increased heart rate, erratic breathing, zoning out, floating, autopilot, losing sense of time or memory, or a discontinuation in the ability to hold conversation.